Retirement Benefits

A Retirement Benefit that Enhances Your Business

Your company's retirement plan is a key tool in attracting and retaining the talent needed to grow.

What makes a Plan successful

  1. High participation - careful design and skillful education helps motivate employees to save for retirement
  2. High savings rates - Participants need to learn how to build enough wealth to enjoy a full retirement 
  3. Low costs - investment costs are under the microscope and there is significant pressure on retirement plan sponsors to monitor fees. 
  4. Competitive Investments - An employee builds their nest egg with the investments in the plan. Employers must build an effective menu for employees to manage their money.   
  5. Ease of use - as the employer, you have to administer the benefit. Selecting vendors who make your task easier is of immense importance.
  6. Optimal Design - you seek to maximize shareholder and business objectives with this plan. The plan's strategy can support your financial and productivity goals. 

What we do

We join you, the Plan Sponsor, as a fiduciary; meaning we share the duty of acting in the best interest of your employees and their beneficiaries. 

  • Investments - we design an effective menu and make it as easy as possible for employees to build a portfolio. You can hire us to recommend investments or make discretionary decisions. 
  • Education - we deliver custom education for your employees. We do group presentations and individual break-outs.
  • Service Provider Oversight - we help you evaluate the quality of services provided and the fees being charged. We provide fee benchmarking and accommodate the search and implementation for new vendors when needed. Our process ensures that costs are reasonable for your company and the employees.  
  • Plan Design - the plan is useless if it doesn't help the business. We get to know the business and where the plan fits. Even though laws constantly change, we help you take advantage of certain specifications and help craft communications to explain them.
  • Fiduciary Consulting - we help you understand roles and responsibilities for managing the plan's assets. We educate you and a Committee on oversight procedures, documentation, and an audit file checklist.

Owner-Centric Plans

We realize not every retirement plan is geared towards employees. Sometimes a plan is created to benefit the Owner and their family. We have a lot of experience designing and implementing plans for these businesses too. 

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