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We started Crafted Finance to offer high-end financial planning and investment services at a reasonable cost. We want to be THE combination of value and affordability people are looking for. If your goal is to maximize your wealth – we don't want to slow you down with high fees. What makes us unique is we don't combine financial planning and investment management in one fee. They are two separate jobs that add value to you in different ways. Aligning our incentive with the task at hand simply made sense to us. 



Financial Planning

$200 per month

Investments Managed By Crafted

.50% of balance < $1 million
.25% of balance > $1 million

per year

Children’s investment accounts

No Fee

Applies to 529 Plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.

Retirement Benefits


waived if plan assets > $100,000

Asset Based for Plans < $5million

.50% on the first $500,000

.25% on the next $2,500,000

.15% on the next $7,000,000

.05% on amounts over $10 million 

Negotiated Pricing for Plans > $5million

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