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Hiring an investment advisor to manage your hard-earned money takes courage and a lot of trust. If you lack the skills or the time required to do it well, hiring an expert who thoughtfully constructs your portfolio at a reasonable cost and has a thorough understanding of your circumstances is the next best thing.   

First - we are a Fiduciary - a legal term meaning we must always act in your best interest. That is why we uphold these principles:

  1. Always attach your investments to a goal - we will know what you intend to do with this money and when. 
  2. Take appropriate risk - we apply time-tested principles to your portfolio. Ways to manage risk include diversification, asset allocation, rebalancing, and dollar-cost averaging. We also coach you with wisdom when decisions are tough - you know, when the sky seems to be falling, or when you suddenly receive a windfall and are nervous about what to do. 
  3. Help you with all your investments - we have the technology to track and measure results from all your accounts; even those we don't manage for you. We'll provide advice for you to act on and you can access our Client Portal to see it all in one place.  
  4. Lower Fees - an easy way to enhance results is to lower the cost of your investments. In an industry that makes money on other people's money, we want to lead the charge in lowering costs. We charge much less than the average investment advisor and build portfolios with low-cost index funds. [Compare for yourself: Average Financial Advisor Fees in 2016 vs our Pricing for Investment Management]
  5. Make it fun and accessible - we do not hold back from sharing insights. Our goal is to help you understand investing in a way that fits your personality. We communicate often and try to make it interesting. 

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