Are you worried about how you’re going to afford education costs for your children? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the complex world of scholarships, financial aid, and student loans? If so… 

You’re not alone!

As a parent, these concerns are totally the norm. But they don’t have to keep you up at night. Ann Garcia’s 7-session course is perfect for parents with kids in middle school and high school - and parents in general!

And We’re Offering It To Our Clients Completely For FREE. 

Meet Your Instructor: Ann Garcia, CFP® 

Ann Garcia is a mother, money expert, and The College Financial Lady. Over the last decade, she has helped thousands of students and their families save millions of dollars on college and university costs. 

Drawing from her experience as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) and her personal journey navigating her children's college planning, Ann created the College Financial Plan Masterclass to help parents like you make informed financial decisions about their children’s education.

What Does the Masterclass Cover?

The College Financial Plan Masterclass is designed to guide you through every aspect of the college financial planning process. You'll learn how to:

Chapter 1) Setting Education Expectations: You need to focus on getting a true value out of your child’s education. You’ll set priorities for your child’s education choices, and shift your education planning mindset from “which college” to “why college.”

Chapter 2) Creating Your College Budget: Budgeting is essential for your education planning. You’ll create a budget that accounts for savings, out-of-pocket spending, scholarships, tax credits, and student loans. You’ll also learn how to have constructive conversations with your kids about the cost of college. 

Chapter 3) FAFSA, CSS Profile, and Financial Aid: FAFSA is the first step in securing your financial aid. You’ll be taken through how FAFSA determines your ability to pay for college, techniques that can lower your Expected Family Contribution on your FAFSA and CSS Profile, the key distinctions between your FAFSA and CSS Profile, and additional tips for divorced parents and business owners. 

Chapter 4) Scholarships: Virtually all students are eligible to receive some sort of scholarship. You’ll learn how merit scholarships are awarded, how to find external scholarships to apply for, and how to identify schools that are more likely to provide your child with a scholarship. For parents of student-athletes, additional scholarship content will be provided. 

Chapter 5) Application Strategies: Applying for colleges should be exciting, not stressful. That’s why you’ll learn how to target schools that make sense financially, academically, and socially. You’ll also learn how to keep track of the most essential information to each of the potential schools. 

Chapter 6) Creating a Spending Plan: A spending plan puts your hard-earned dollars to good use and minimizes debt. You’ll be exposed how to leverage collage savings (including 529 accounts), claim education tax credits, 

Chapter 7) Navigating Financial Aid Awards: Comparing financial aid awards needs to be made simple. You’ll be exposed to how to decipher award letters, differentiate between gift aid and self-help aid (ex: loans and work-study), calculate and compare the actual cost of college for various institutions, and how to negotiate for further financial aid. 

Please Note: All chapters of the Masterclass are self-paced! You can review them (and re-review them) at the schedule that works for you. Additionally, each chapter comes with detailed worksheets to help you map out your family’s education plan. It’s great for parents with kids in middle school and high school - or anyone looking to get ahead on education!

What Are People Saying? 

Below are some testimonials from past College Financial Plan Masterclass graduates:

“As a parent with three in college at once, and a high school administrator overseeing the college counseling systems, I feel very knowledgeable about the application and financial aid process. But I knew there were some gaps in my knowledge that could cost me money and my kids opportunities. I learned so much from the course; I was able to strategize and save even more!” 

— Vicky Virnich, Colorado

“Ann was great in helping us navigate the maze of hard rules and rules of thumb. The explanations and materials were clear and easy to follow. Can’t thank her enough for helping my family pull together a college plan for our kids.”

— Tom Fry, Colorado

“We came to know Ann via Ron Lieber’s book, The Price You Pay for College. The book’s insight to the overwhelming mind-blowing task of financing your child’s/young adult’s college education was and is illuminating. Mr. Lieber’s introduction of the financial planner Ann Garcia was to become for us the light being turned on in a dimly lit room full of ‘where do we begin and self doubts,’ we immediately found Ann’s site and reached out to her. Ann’s expertise guided us and schooled us in money saving and timely decision making. Without thinking about it we will return to Ann this coming summer to work through year two’s financial challenges because simply put: a peaceful mind is one that rests in sleep at night and that’s a beautiful thing.”

— William Durkin, New York

Get Your Free College Planning Masterclass

For just $299, you can Buy Ann Garcia’s College Financial Plan Masterclass and start saving big time on your children’s education. With expert advice from Ann Garcia, you’ll be well-equipped to help your kids select the right college, lockdown scholarships, and minimize the reliance on student loans. 

However, Crafted Finance clients get access for FREE

All you have to do is Email and ask for your Masterclass Activation Code. This will give you access to Ann Garcia’s completely for free. 

Don’t wait to prepare for your kids’ college. Sign up today and learn how to help your children transition to adulthood without derailing your retirement.

Watch Out For The College Planning Video Podcast

Crafted Finance isn’t just offering Ann Garcia’s College Financial Plan Masterclass. We’re also teaming up for a college planning video podcast! Both Joe Wride and Ann Garcia will be tag-teaming a discussion on:

  • How to find the best-fit college for your child 
  • How to prepare for college before your kids graduate high school
  • The huge missed opportunity of merit scholarships 
  • Approaching FAFSA, application essays, and scholarships without losing your mind
  • How to actually withdraw from your 529 with no penalties

The video podcast will be accessible whether you’re a client or not.

If you have any questions about your free masterclass or the live college planning video podcast, reach out to us at (650) 336-0598 or schedule a free support call


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