Artisan Case Study

Areas of FocusRod and Teri, age 59 and 64, have been married 35 years; they have two children and six grandchildren. Rod has worked at ACME Mechanical for 29 years and is now 100% owner. Teri works as the company's business manager and wants to retire next year with Rod not that far behind her. Their daughter Amy, works for ACME and seems like the best choice to take over along with two other key employees. Rod and Teri pay themselves a salary and distribute profits to themselves most years. While they have saved up over time, it is clear they need to sell the majority of Rod’s shares so that they can afford the same lifestyle. A plan for Rod’s exit has been a topic with ACME's accountant and they need to learn if selling the company internally will provide enough after-tax income for their retirement goals. They also have questions about passing their estate equally to their children and where get to medical insurance when they retire. The Planner has started dialogue with the accountant and Rod to get to know the company’s financial status. The Planner will present a thorough retirement, tax, and investment plan to help Rod and Teri conceptualize this transition. Afterwards, Rod and Teri, the accountant, and the Planner will assemble a team to value the company and proceed with a plan to sell ACME internally.  

Areas of focus: phases 1-4

Income level: typically > $250,000